We have just filmed three ads for the Check Your Mates road safety initiative.  These will begin to air across Victoria from the 2nd of June.  Planning is now underway to film a further three ads.  These are most likely to be filmed in and around Mildura.

I am looking for some talent to be involved in these ads.  Locations and dates are yet to be set.  It will be a volunteer basis with each ad taking around 1 day to film, this is likely to be mid-week.

Talent Required:

Ad Four –


Four actors – no riding ability necessary although would be advantageous if primary talent had a small degree of same.


CONTEXT:  Riders getting ready for a ride.  One rider is a bit out of shape.  Whilst riding he is getting noticeably fatigued.  Mate steps in to call it a day.

  • Primary Talent:  Male.  30’s – 40’s.  Slightly overweight and happy to poke fun at being out of shape.  Getting ready, putting gear on and things are a little “tighter”  than they use to be.  Comments about “less beer and more riding is what I need”& “forgot how much riding can hurt”.  Will need to appear hot, red, sweaty and flushed in final scenes, when mates decide to call it a day because he is getting a little fatigued.
  • Support One:  Male. 20’s – 40’s.  Interacting with Primary talent, jokingly stirring him for his gear being a little tight.  Same male will ask him if he is ok when he is a bit hot and bothered on the trail.  (bit of a joker / stirrer)
  • Support Two:  Male 20’s – 40’s.  Voice of reason.  Will call an end to the ride as they are getting tired.
  • Support Three:  Female – Early 20’s.  Will present as a Learner Rider wearing a hi vis vest and L Plates on bike.

Ad Five –

Five actors required.  No riding ability necessary.

CONTEXT :  Friends camping trip.  Sitting around a camp fire, drinking, general banter and having a good time.  One mate considers riding his bike.  Other mate steps in say it can wait till tomorrow.

Primary Talent:  Male.  20’s – 30’s.  Will have conversation with about issues he was having with his bike.  Happy / slightly intoxicated.  Will hop on his bike to ride it.

Support one:  Male. 20’s – 30’s.  Will interact with above.  Stirring primary talent up about being slow during the days ride.  Slightly Intoxicated.

Support Two.  Male 20’s – 40’s.  Will interact with both of above.  Voice of reason and stops his mate going for a ride.

Support Three and Four.  Mixed ages.  Seated around campfire, drinking.

Ad Six –

Three actors required.

CONTEXT:  Father and Son go for a ride in the bush on trail bikes.  Mum is waiting for their return.  Time goes on and they don’t return.  Son is injured (not shown) and Dad can’t get any mobile service for help.

Father:  Mid 30’s to 40’s.  To suit age of son.

Son:  12 – 14 years old.  Ability to ride a motorcycle preferred.

Mother:  To suit above

Early stages at the moment, however I would greatly appreciate you having some thoughts and possibly circulating this within the club for interested persons to contact me.

Thanks again


Dan HILTON | Senior Sergeant 31564

Divisional Training Officer | Mildura

Western Region – Division 6


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phone: (03) 5018 5415 | fax: (03) 5018 5417 | mobile: 0476 832 762

address: 62 -68 Deakin Avenue, Mildura, Victoria, Australia 3500 | DX: 217500




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