Hattah Desert Race

Australias biggest motorbike race of the year is coming..

5th/ 6th / 7th July 2019


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Australia’s Largest

Motorbike Race

The great race

The most challenging off-road race in the Australia.

The Penrite Hattah Desert Race is celebrating 20 years in 2017, and now attracts a large field of riders (2016 – 650 total competitors, 250 Juniors & 400 Seniors) not only from Australia but also internationally, pitting themselves against each other on a course that includes dust, dirt, mud, sand with tight corners demanding agility and finesse as well as brute speed.

Arriving at the Hattah Desert Race and you’re met with the sight of lines of cars and gazebos forming an ad hoc pit lane. It’s a long way from the umbrellas and bikini girls of Formula One but the crews here are every bit as dedicated to victory.

The smell of fuel lingers heavy in the air; there’s no stopping the red dust blowing into your mouth and the noise is deafening as hundreds of motorbikes are kick-started, revved up and pushed to their speed limits by eager competitors.

Where is the Hattah Desert Race?

Boonoonar Road, Victoria

Where Hattah Desert Race is located - Northwest Victorian Motorcycle Club

Info about the race

Prepare yourself for the Hattah weekend


Events : Scrutineering and Sign-on.

Time : 3.00pm – 8.00pm (bikes must remain on display until 8.00pm).


Events : Junior & Senior Prologue.

Juniors Race : Junior Hattah race will start at 7:30am.


Event : The Hattah Desert Race will start at 9:00am.


Hattah Scrutineering starts at 4.00pm and will run through to 8.00pm Friday 7th July. All bikes must remain on display between 4.00pm – 8.00 pm and riders must participate in the meet and greet with the public. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. The night will include live entertainment, trade & Race Team displays, a massive big screen TV, food and beverage available, interviews with the top ten riders from last year’s event.


Scrutineering and sign-on will take place at Quandong Park Sports Reserve Red Cliffs Victoria. Click the Google maps link below.

IMPORTANT* This is the only time for sign-on and scrutineering NO EXCEPTIONS! Rider must present bike and licence in person and number to be clearly displayed on bike. Full national competition licence required for this event.


65cc 7-U9
65cc 9-U13
85cc 2 Stroke & 150cc 4 Stroke 9-U12(Small Wheel)
Girls 7-U12
85cc 2 Stroke & 150cc 4 Stroke 12-U16 (Small & Big Wheel)
100cc-150cc 2 Stroke 13-U16
200cc 2 Stroke 13- U16
200cc-250cc 4 Stroke 13-U16
Girls 12-U16


Up To 250cc 2 Stroke
251cc & Over 2 Stroke
Up To 250cc 4 Stroke
251cc-450cc 4 Stroke
Over 450cc 4 Stroke
Veterans 35-44Yrs As At 01/01/2016
Masters 45Yrs & Over As At 01/01/2016
Under 19 years  As at 01/01/2016 unlimited bike
Ladies Tenacious Women Of Hattah

NOTE* There are no classes available for Division 1 or Modified Division 2 50cc Machines. We apologise for this but the track isn’t suitable for 50cc Machines. All riders should address carburettor jetting and gearing for their relevant classes.


Age group & Class : 9 – U12 65cc – 85cc  &  80cc – 150cc.

Distance : 8 x 8km Laps.

Race Time : Approximately 1.5hrs race time.


Age group & Class : 12 – U16 80cc -150cc, 100cc – 150cc 2stk, 200cc – 250cc 4stk.

Distance : 10 x 15km Laps.

Race Time : Approximately 2 hrs race time.


Class : Ironman.

Distance : 8 x 8 38km Laps.

Race Time : Approximately 4 hrs race time.


Distance : 4 x 38km Laps.

Race Time : Approximately 2 hrs race time.

HATTAH Enduro Rider Checklist

  • Get a good nights sleep before your events.
  • Arrive at least 2 hours before your start time.
  • Bring proper gear – Helmet, Goggles, Boots, Gloves etc.
  • Your motorcycle licence.
  • Appropriate tools for mechanical adjustments to your bike.
  • Bring and drink lots of water.
  • Racing tent for your pit location.
  • 20L Fuel Can (with fuel).
  • Appropriate clothing to suit July’s weather conditions.
  • Some spare undies.
Juniors - Northwest Victorian Motorcycle Club
Junior riders at the 2015 Hattah Desert Race


3jul - 5jul 33:00 pmjul 52020 Hattah Desert Race


12sep - 13sep 126:00 amsep 13VICTORIAN SENIOR & JUNIOR DIRT TRACK TITLES


3oct4:00 pm- 10:00 pmCHARITY DIRT TRACK MEETING

Hattah Representatives

Race Secretary

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