Round 2 of clubs Motocross Series was held on Saturday which proved once again to be very successful.

Around 43 riders took to the track to get more points on the board. The track committee worked tirelessly to produce great track conditions for the riders.

Lachlan Metcalf rode brilliantly to win the Junior 65cc and 85cc SW class while Max Phillips took out first place in the 85cc BW class. Jack Bithell won the 125cc Junior Class.

The Seniors saw the return to North West of Jayden Mayes after many years winning the Novice class and

Big thanks to go to Magenta Business Solutions, Deakin Motorcycles, United Panel Works, Mallee Meats, Mototech and Sunnyland Press for sponsoring the series.

Round Three will be held on the 10th June.

Round Two Motocross Results –
50cc –
1-Brock Wellington
2-Harley Ackerley
3-Jackson Moore

65cc –
1-Lachlan Metcalf
2-Ripley Rowbotham
3-Jayden Bolitho

85cc SW –
1-Lachlan Metcalf
2-Ripley Rowbotham
3-Reagan Mayes

85cc BW Girls –
1-Chloe Ackerley

85cc BW –
1-Max Phillips
2-Eric Woulfe
3-Hamish McCarten

125cc Junior –
1-Jack Bithell
2-Luke Sinclair

250cc Juniors –
1-Denzel Woulfe
2-Jordan Doctor
3-Hamish McCarten

Novice Ladies –
1-Chelsea Brien

Novice –
1-Jayden Mayes
2-Rob Sinclair
3-Simon Cox

250cc Senior –
1-Jackson Barraclough
2-Andrew Kenny
3-Korlin Begg

450cc Senior –
1-Jackson Caldwell
2-Josh Knights
3-Koby Begg

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