Please be advised that there will be a special general meeting on Wednesday the 18th of October at the clubrooms starting at 6.30pm.

Initial discussions regarding this matter have been ongoing for the past 6-7 weeks. There has been sufficient opportunity and notification given to all members in relation to this matter. As per the previous 3 meetings regarding this matter, there are 3 items to be voted on.

1. The Hattah Business plan to be adopted by the members as discussed at previous meetings.
2. The club’s model rules be changed to reflect the establishment of a sub committee to run the Hattah Desert Race in accordance with the Business Plan.
3. The club’s model rules be changed to reflect a new financial year reporting date of 1 October to 30 September. Currently July to June. This is to accurately reflect the clubs seasonal events to coincide with the AGM.

As per the email over the weekend, if you require a copy or a proxy voting form please email info@northwestvicmcc.com.au


North West committee.

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