Get ready to test your endurance

The in’s and out’s of enduro racing

If racing cross-country through a mix of both open and tight Mallee Bush tracks appeals to you, then you should consider Enduro riding. It’s a case of rider and bike verses the elements of the natural terrain.

To ride in our club enduro events it doesn’t matter whether you are just enjoying a Sunday afternoon ride, competing against a few mates or using them as training for bigger national events such as the Finke Desert Race or our very own Hattah Desert Race. The events cater to all levels of riders, from kids on 50cc through to some of Australia’s top senior riders.

We also have quite a number of female competitors that can give a fair percentage of the male riders a run for their money.


All tracks consist of a combination of hard pack dirt and sand alongside grain paddocks and through tight Mallee Scrub.  Tracks are generally all within 1 hour’s drive of Mildura.

  • Seniors generally compete on track lengths ranging between 20-25kms, with a race duration of 2.5 – 3 hrs.
  • Big Wheel Junior tracks are generally between 12 and 15kms and have a race duration of 1.5hrs.
  • Small Wheel Junior tracks are generally around 10kms and they race for approximately 1 hour.
  • Pee Wee or 50cc Juniors will have a track marked out for non-competitive riding.

What’s required?

  • Bikes don’t require registration because all of the tracks are on private land, but bikes are required to pass scrutineering (basic safety requirements).
  • Minimum safety gear required is helmet, gloves and boots, armour & goggles.
  • They are all Club Events so National Licenses are not required, and competitors can purchase day licenses at the track on the day.
  • Juniors between the ages of 7 – 16 who are competing must have a current junior license and must present log books.
  • If you are not a member of the NWVMCC you can also purchase a day membership.
  • All events will be using transponders and these can be hired or purchased on the day.


  • 65cc 7 –u9
  • 65cc 9 –u12
  • 80 – 160cc 4 stk 9 – u 16
  • 85cc 2 stk – 150 cc 4 stk 9 – u13
  • 85cc 2stk / 4 stk 150 cc BW 12- u16
  • 100cc – 125 cc 2 stk  BW 13- u 16
  • 200cc – 250 cc 4 stk  13-u16
  • under 19 All powers
  • Up to 250 cc 2 stk
  • Up to 250 cc 4 stk
  • 290 – 450 cc 4 stk
  • 290 – 500cc 2 stk over 500 cc 4 stk
  • Veteran 40 yrs and over
  • Pony Express up to 60 yrs
  • Pony Express 60 yrs and over


All events have catering available; no alcohol permitted in the pit area.

Land access

All land is private property and access to the land is not permitted prior to or after an event.
No bins are provided, so it asked that people leave with everything they came with, apart from the fuel they burnt.
Because it is a privilege and not a right that we are allowed to use the various tracks, we ask that everyone has the upmost respect for the various land owners so that we may be invited back.

Farmers Six Hour (Pony Express)

Farmers Six Hour is a Pony Express event that is on an approx 24km course, and teams compete over a 6hr period. It’s a very grueling event that sorts the men out from the boys, but all the while everyone is having a heap of fun.

It has become one of the NWVMCC’s largest club events and is still growing every year. If you like your endure riding and some friendly competition, then it’s a must do event.

The event is run over two days, with a change in the format this year 2019. SENIORS will be on the Saturday and JUNIORS on the Sunday.  Again the junior races are short in time and distance.

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2020 Enduro Supp Regs


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Upcoming Events


19jul7:30 am- 2:00 pmMOTOCROSS RD 3


15aug - 16aug 157:00 amaug 16Farmers Pony Express - Junior and Senior Enduro

30aug7:30 am- 2:00 pmMOTOCROSS RD 4


12sep - 13sep 126:00 amsep 13VICTORIAN SENIOR & JUNIOR DIRT TRACK TITLES


3oct4:00 pm- 10:00 pmCHARITY DIRT TRACK MEETING